Why would you need a professional photographer

So the million dollar question is why do I need a professional photographer when I have Uncle Bob with a camera and my friends all have smart phones ?

Good question new technology is fantastic and the cameras on todays phones are incredible, however first and foremost I bet your friends would rather be enjoying the excitement of the day watching Uncle Bob doing his little dance with Aunt Mary.

Taking snap shots in Smartphones is not the same as creating a wedding memory by way of a well thought out photograph, what may seem like a good money saving idea at the time might not be after the event remembering your photographs are there for you to share for a long time and to pass  down through the generations,  I am sure you can’t imagine looking back over maybe your parents friends or relatives albums and seeing some drunken shot of someones behind ? (Maybe you can)

Uncle Bob and his super duper camera that he bought online for a bargain price may have once caught a blurred picture of a Kingfisher as swooped down and caught a fish but believe me when I tell you its not the same beast, at a wedding you get one chance and one chance only to capture the moments as they happen, professional wedding photographers take years and years to get the art down to a fine tee to ensure they capture the magic and story line of your day.

Please Remember this even if you remember nothings else

On planning your magical day

You went to a cake maker to get an amazing showpiece cake made.

You spent ages going from boutique to boutique try to find that dress that flattered your figure and you know would bring a tear when mum and dads eye when they saw you wearing it for the first time

Your Partner went around researching discos live bands bands string quartets they knew would really give your reception the celebration your day deserved.

Both of you went out to choose the gifts that you would give to the people that made your day so special

You took your friend down to the florist after discussing how wonderful the church and reception would look in matching colours that bought your colour theme to life.

You went to the  reception venue and carefully chose the wine and champayne that everyone was going to drink and toast you with.

You both spent an absolute fortune on a sit down meal which was normally more per head than you would normally spend if you went out to celebrate your anniversary.

Then of course there is the buffet, the out fits for the attendants the shoes the list goes on

So in 5 years time when you look back at what a wonderful day you had, think about what you remember..

It was an amazing day that everyone still treasuries dearly

but do you  remember the cake and how many tiers it had, the ice sculpture that has long melted, the food which is long gone but cost a fortune which you are still paying off, the  flowers what have wilted and died long ago, other than your first dance chances are you won’t remember much about the band that played  and the songs, the wedding dress, you know the one that you spent 1000’s on but wore once is probably gathering dust in the loft somewhere.

Whats left ? Hopefully the 2 rings that were exchanged as you looked in to each others eyes and of course your Wedding Book allowing you to relive each and every moment as it happened.

What price do you put on something as precious as a wedding book the one thing that allow you to keep the memories from that wonderful day alive.

So let Uncle Bob do what he does best take pictures of birds, let your friends snap away so they can fill your Social Media with drunken photos and get the giggles they crave.

Let us give you something you can be proud of a proofesionally crafted wedding book full of amazing memories  that you can go to anytime.

Grab a glass of wine sit down with a friends and be gad you took the decision to hire a professional photographer

You only get one chance to capture a lifetime of memories