This day and age it seem the world and his uncle are out there producing the next camera to try and attract the next buyer using gimmicks and gadgets to win the consumer over, more often than not for the professional photographer its about using a tool which not only makes our life easier but saves time and most importantly gives us amazing image quality that is several steps ahead of what the public can achieve on everyday technology such as smart phones and tablets.

Over the years the whole industry has seen a marked change away from film over to digital technology, for some film still has that air of quality that digital technology lacks. However one manufacturer namely Fuji has taken many of their award winning film attributes and bought it in to the 21st century within their digital cameras.

 We as a business were lucky enough to have a relation Tony’s Father working for Fujifilm as digital technology made its introduction, and were fortunate enough to get first hand experience in digital camera technology as it first hit the market, in terms of imaging it had been around for years in the form of scanners that scanned film which was  turned it into digital files for the print industry but never really that successfully and financially viable until the turn of the century.

As a business we were a little sceptical understandably about the image quality from a professional level however as time moved on things got a little better and we took the plunge in to our first DSLR which was a Canon 10D the idea of being able to see the image straight away was amazing and the quality all be it not of todays standard was pretty impressive. We then took a deep breath and moved to the opposite end of the Canon scale a went for a Canon 1DS which was a cool £6,000 not cheap by anyone standards, we carried on using Canon technology for some time for both our commercial and wedding work, it was fast and relable and never seemed to put a foot wrong, however it always seemed to lack that real punch and the images never really had that film quality we so yearned for.

In 2012 our beloved friends and Fuji introduced a game changer the Xpro1 a proffesional retro styled camera that felt like a traditional film camera of times gone by but had the all the advantage of the here and now of digital, global critiques took their hat off to the Japanese manufacturer who had broken the modern rules of the time in terms of styling but also used a new digital sensor not seen before called the X trans sensor which saw a completely different lay out of digital pixel arrays which gave it’s files a film like quality only seen in days gone by in the Fuji films they had produced.

Over the next few years Fuji brought out several similarly styled cameras The XE range XT Range and x100 range all using the x-trans sensor and won the hearts of profferionals and amateurs alike who could see and feel the benefits of the lighter weight mirrorless cameras that produced amazing image quality.


In March 2016 Fuji introduced a new xPro camera called the xpro2 which made huge improvements on not only image quality but focusing speed along side many other long awaited improvements. Today as a business we are proud to use Fuji Cameras and lenses for all of our commercial and wedding work bringing you the quality you want and deserve