As every good photographic artist knows there is more to a good image that just snapping away with a camera, after all anyone with sense can take a picture be it on their Smart phone Tablet or camera, it is also about what happens with the image afterwards and that to us at #weddingphotoart is where the real difference come in, taking and image and turning it into a beautiful piece of art.

As with everything in out world today things are now computerized from cameras them self to to editing that goes on afterwards, todays main tool for the photographer is image editing software, there are many packages out there some for the novice to give basic special effects, for todays pro however the leader in the market of image editing is Adobe with the Photoshop package.

Photoshop is an incredibly versatile tool  tool but along with its versatility comes complexity, no matter how long you have been using the software everyone will tell you the same you never stop learning, for us we choose a variety of learning tools including online tutoring and videos as well as one to one and group class’s.

For many people using a mouse and computer has become part of everyday life, however for the professional photographer who wants more control and accuracy we choose to use a graphics tablet as an input device which works in much the same way as the traditional pencil and paper in the way it’s used, however as with most things in life it’s another steep learning curve to know how the are used correctly and efficiently.

That’s where our training day with Steve  Thewis (Digi Steve Photography) photoshop Guru and professional digital artist comes in.

Steve has been using a Graphics tablet for some years to produce his amazing personal work as well as retouching images for the professional market, so it was a great opportunity to get some tuition from a man who uses Graphics tablets on a day to day basis to learn how he has benefited from the increased workflow and throughput.

The day consisted of a 3 hour course at Saracen House Studios in Milton Keynes going though some of both the basics of the graphics tablet and some of of the more advanced features enabling a much smoother work flow when using applicable software such as Photoshop and Lightroom.

Wacom Learbning Day

At the end of it the 7 delegates including Tony Cashen from Wedding Photo Art and Tony Cashen photography came away with a much better understanding of the Wacom product range and its usage and you will see the results it future work featured on our site.

Thanks for taking the time to read our blog, if you would like any further information on course run by Steve Thewis or Saracen house studio please follow the links.